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My sweet spot when it comes to coaching is where hard decisions intersect big emotions.

If you want basic tactical advice and support on looking for a job, I can do that. But I often find that the difficulties people face when looking for a job often involve hopes, fears, insecurities, etc. and that someone's mindset is often at least as important as their tactics when it comes to finding a job.  

I bring the perspective of someone who's been on the employer side of the table doing the hiring and someone who's coached a lot of folks who are looking for work. I am also a very kind and empathetic listener, and I ask good questions. I also bring an intersectional analysis and an understanding of power dynamics to what I do. I think because of my approach, I've had a lot of good experiences supporting folks across a wide variety of social identities and other kinds of personal difference.

I think it's best to have sessions either once a week or once every other week initially, and that me and my clients really start hitting our stride in the 4-6 session range (and I have had clients who've worked with me for much longer than that). I can certainly get something done in fewer sessions, but it'd have to be relatively discrete and relatively focused (e.g. coaching about salary negotiations can be a 1-2 session thing). But there is no minimum number of sessions and you'd be in the driver's seat when it came to scheduling sessions.

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I bring the perspectives of both employers doing the hiring & folks who are looking for work.

Finally, I do keep everything discussed in a session completely confidential unless the client explicitly gives me permission to disclose something. However, I may need to disclose that I had/have a client relationship if there's a conflict of interest (typically when a current or former client applies to a job that I am working on as a recruiter and the employer I'm working for has asked for me to evaluate that current or former client).

If that all sounds good, we can go ahead and schedule our first session. If you want to have a brief phone call to go over questions/concerns we can do that too.  

Coaching Fees
In terms of the brass tacks, I charge $125-225 for 90-minutes sessions on a sliding scale based on ability to pay (as determined by the client -- you tell me what you can afford and we'll use that as the fee).

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Empathetic support with an intersectional analysis and the experience of being on both sides of the hiring process.

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